The Meet video conferencing platform delivers a feature-rich experience that includes all the standard video conference functionality such as video, audio, screen sharing, messaging and breakout rooms all wrapped up in a familiar and intuitive user interface.

Generate a datafree Meet link to distribute to your event participants so they can immediately, or at a scheduled time, participate in a video or audio conference.

Veedo Meet video conferences generally work ‘out of the box’, however our experienced and helpful event team is standing by to support you and assist  with setting up your specialised requirements.

Veedo Meet conforms to standard video conference security protocols. Video, audio and messaging are end to end encrypted. Administrators logins are password protected and password access can be set up for all video conferences.

Data Saving Technology

To minimise the amount of data used Veedo uses 2 techniques:

‘Speaker Cam’ technology automatically shuts down the video stream of everyone other than the person speaking.

Optimised Resolution sets the appropriate video resolution for mobile devices to keep data consumption as low as possible while maintaining video quality.

Mobile First

Most people who are data-sensitive are on mobile devices so Veedo Meet is designed to work in a browser; no app downloads or add-on installations are needed. Veedo Meet has a responsive interface which adapts to the small size of a mobile screen ensuring that all elements are appropriately sized for smaller screens.




Secret Participants


Dashboard – setup, control, reporting

Comprehensive reporting


Event Passwords

Break out rooms

Corporate branding

Concierge service

Stream Your Way.

We understand that every organiser has different needs and that knowing what those might be, can be a daunting task, so we are standing by to help you.