Our end to end webinar platform delivers a world-class #datafree video stream and an integrated messaging interface to facilitate communication between attendees and panellists.

Up to 10 panellists, who all have access to all standard features such as video and audio, screen sharing and messaging, generate video content. The content stream is transmitted to the Veedo Webinar platform, where attendees can watch the stream by clicking on the #datafree URL. Attendees can interact with panellists using the integrated messaging panel.

Our team works with you to determine the number of panellists, attendees and active video streams to customise your #datafree video server. Veedo Webinar panellists can be assigned #datafree access if required.

Panellists can also connect through solutions such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom by providing an RTMP feed which Veedo Webinar can process and deliver as a #datafree live video broadcast. In this scenario messaging and polls will be available using a separate web interface.

Optional Features

Veedo Panel

datafree Portal Access

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datafree Holding page

datafree Registration page

Stream Your Way.

We understand that every organiser has different needs and that knowing what those might be, can be a daunting task, so we are standing by to help you.